Buyer's guide:

pointsThe process of buying an apartment in Mapy Holidays is simple and easy, and does not differ essentially from the deal signing procedures in the EU or UK. When purchasing a property abroad, you will generally be required to pay an initial deposit and then the remaining balance in stage payments.

pointsInitial Deposit: When you have found your ideal property in Mapy Holidays, a non-refundable reservation deposit of 1 500 EUR will secure the property at the price on that day. For your security, we recommend you to find a lawyer, who will perform the necessary checks, prior to paying the deposit. Once your lawyer is completely satisfied with the conditions of the sale, the purchase contract will be drawn up and then you will be given the payment schedule. If due to some reason, you are not able to find a legal adviser, we will be happy to assist you during the sales process and to present you all the necessary information about Mapy Holidays.

pointsThe remaining balance /stage payments/ - when purchasing a property “off plans”, or in the process of construction, you will need to arrange the agreed stage payments. Before you enter into any contract, you will be informed of the dates and amounts of payment. If you are purchasing property that is already built, there are differences in the sales process. In this case, after payment of the reservation deposit (1 500 EUR), the balance will be required usually within 30 days.

pointsThere are several steps to go through, which will assure that you have chosen the best property for your requirements:

- Choose a legal adviser (or ask us to assist you)– before starting the buying process, the purchaser should approach a lawyer of good reputation and ask him/her to represent you in front of the Public Notary where the final contract will be signed. The purchaser's lawyer must investigate the investor and the developer and ensure the following: that the vendor holds an absolute title (deed) to the property, that the property is unencumbered, that all acts associated with the construction of the property are based on a lawful planning permission and that all obligatory properly taxes burdening the vendor have been paid.

- Reserve an apartment trough our website and pay the reservation deposit – we offer you this opportunity, in order to be sure that the apartment you have chosen will not be sold to someone else and the price will remain the same.

pointsIf you are a property investor and you do not have the spare time for an out-look, the preliminary contract can be signed „from distance” and you can visit Mapy Holidays for the signing of the final contract.